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Selected Previous Publications Relevant to ACE-SUPPRA

Zieglmeier, Valentin and Loyola Daiqui, Gabriel and Pretschner, Alexander, Decentralized inverse transparency with blockchain, 2023 [PDF]

Öz, Burak and Hoops, Felix, The Advent of a New Incentive - Maximal Extractable Value, 2023

Von Seck, Richard and Rezabek, Filip and Jaeger, Benedikt and Gallenmüller, Sebastian and Carle, Georg, BFT-Blocks: The Case for Analyzing Networking in Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus, December 2022

Rezabek, Filip and Helm, Max and Leonhardt, Tizian and Carle, Georg, PTP Security Measures and their Impact on Synchronization Accuracy, November 2022 [PDF]

Gallenmüller, Sebastian and Scholz, Dominik and Stubbe, Henning and Carle, Georg, The pos Framework: A Methodology and Toolchain for Reproducible Network Experiments, December 2021

Rezabek, Filip and Bosk, Marcin and Paul, Thomas and Holzinger, Kilian and Gallenmüller, Sebastian and Gonzalez, Angela and Kane, Abdoul and Fons, Francesc and Haigang, Zhang and Carle, Georg and Ott, Jörg, EnGINE: Developing a Flexible Research Infrastructure for Reliable and Scalable Intra-Vehicular TSN Networks, October 2021 [PDF]

Gallenmüller, Sebastian and Wiedner, Florian and Naab, Johannes and Carle, Georg, Ducked Tails: Trimming the Tail Latency of(f) Packet Processing Systems, October 2021

Zieglmeier, Valentin and Loyola Daiqui, Gabriel, GDPR-compliant use of blockchain for secure usage logs, 2021 [PDF]

Scholz, Dominik and Oeldemann, Andreas and Geyer, Fabien and Gallenmüller, Sebastian and Stubbe, Henning and Wild, Thomas and Herkersdorf, Andreas and Carle, Georg, Cryptographic Hashing in P4 Data Planes, September 2019 [PDF] [Slides]

Sebastian Gallenmüller and Dominik Schöffmann and Dominik Scholz and Fabien Geyer and Georg Carle, DTLS Performance - How Expensive is Security?, 2019